House of the Orchard

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The house of the Orchard in Pompeii is a domus characterised by the green of the wonderful frescoes thet decorate the bedrooms: 


The house of Leda and the Swan

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Walking along Via del Vesuvio, in the North direction, now it is possible to reach the House of Leda and the Swan, which has come to the light this year  


Curiosities about Vesuvius

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The current Mount Vesuvio was not the real destroyer of the ancient Pompeii. It actually was the Mount Somma


Forum Baths restorated

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Forum Baths opened regulary to the public, after the conclusion of the works of restauration, provided for the Great Pompeii Project.    


Pizza e cocktail, why not?

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Tasting a good pizza or going for aneasy-going  night over a cocktail? This may be an out-dated quandary by now,


Faito Mountain by funicular railway

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From funicular railway station, we head for the mountian peak. Our position gives us the opportunity to admire the Vesuvius 


Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco

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Ville d'otium is where Romans went in order to relax and to enjoy the benefits of the place. 


Welcome to Positano

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Positano is a very popular holiday resort on the Amalfi coast, probabily was founded by Paestum inhabitants from which derives the name. 


Welcome to Capri

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Is one the most precious gems of the tyrrenian sea and the gulf of Naples, called "isola azzurra for the transparency and brillance of its sea.


Imperial Villa

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Villa Poppaea Sabina, in the name of second wife of Nero,  is part of Unesco' s intangible world heritage